The Cost Effective and Energy Saving Benefits of Air Amplifiers

In today’s society we all understand the importance of responsible use of energy and natural resources in every area of life. Running a successful business and being environmentally friendly is not an exception; however, being environmentally responsible does not always involve losing money or resources. In fact, it can be quite the opposite. For example, using an air amplifier is much more cost-effective than relying solely on compressed air. An air amplifier is a simple system designed to save you energy and resources. Air amplifiers use a small amount of compressed air to create a specific type of vacuum, propelling ordinary air from the room and focusing and amplifying its movement by up to four times the original rate. This is called the Coanda effect. The vacuum can either suction air from the room to clear it away, such as in removing fumes or smoke; or blow the air onto a desired location, such as in drying objects, moving objects, or blowing away debris.

In any type of manufacturing or processing plant, one of the biggest costs and uses of natural resources is electricity, another is maintenance and replacement of equipment. Air amplifiers can both save you money and reduce your use of natural resources by reducing your electricity consumption, maintenance costs, and decrease your need to make large or frequent replacements of items. One of the biggest energy and cost saving features of an air amplifier is that the air amplifiers do not need electricity to run, they are driven by air. They can replace high energy consumption fans and are smaller and more portable. Some air amplifiers can be adjusted to modulate air flow rates and come in different types of metal and styles depending on their use. In addition, air amplifiers do not have moving parts, meaning that they will last you quite a long time with minimal maintenance costs. The air amplifier also reduces, based on claims by one manufacturer, up to 70-90% of compressed air use, further driving down your business expenses. Air Amplifiers can be used in nearly every industry and may benefit you for years to come.